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What Is the Cost of Upgrading an Electric Panel

The installation of electrical system is done to last a lifetime. They only call for some repairs at one time or the other if there are problems. The electrical panel may require being upgrade after several years of use. An upgrade may be called for when there are faults too much heating on the panel. Still, the homeowner might decide to upgrade the panel to make it up to date with the current electrical needs. This happens when there is a need to increase the electrical power supply in the home. Most of the traditional homes didn’t need power supply above 100amps. There is significant change from the same with modern homes having a power consumption exceeding 200amp. This is due to increased use of electronics and high definition sets. These consume more power and hence the need to upgrade the panel. An old panel is a sign of obsolesce. Buyers of houses can be turned off by such features.

It is critical that you get a licensed electrician when you decide to upgrade a panel. The electrician ought to provide you with a quote on the cost of panel upgrade. There are few elements that count the total cost of a panel upgrade. The labor cost counts the largest part of the project budget. The licensed electricians required to be compensated well and will charge you hourly rates of above $50. The total duration required to install a new upgrade is around 8-10 hours. There is thus the chances of the total costs exceeding $500. If there are other task to be carried out, the cost will increase as more hours will be required. This is important especially if the wiring and sockets repair some repairs. Ensuring that you have a fully functional electrical system requires that these repairs.

The cost of material take the second largest chunk of the panel upgrade costs. The panel size and capacity are significant in determination of its price. It is however above $500. There are times that you might have to pay more for wire and sockets replacements. They would to add to the total costs. There might be supplementary costs that you might incur especially if there are other areas that need repairs or upgrade. The best way to reduce the cost of the panel upgrades it to combine it with another project like the house remodeling. The electrician would have t work for less hours meaning that you can save several dollars.
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Ensure that you get around three to four quotes before you give the job. This will go a long way in ensuring that you pay the least amount for the upgrade. Most important is to make sure that you work with a person has verifiable track record.What I Can Teach You About Electricians

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