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The Benefits of Using the Whizzinator

The Whizzinator is a fake penile device with a strap for wearing around the waist. This device comes with urine storage space. If you need to simulate urination while wearing the Whizzinator, just squeeze it to release the stored urine. This discussion demonstrates why the Whizzinator is a practical tool and how you can utilize it for maximum advantage.


The Whizzinator is designed to be easily strapped around the waist. It is very comfortable to wear any time you need it.
The Ultimate Guide to Options

Natural Appearance
The Key Elements of Great Options

The tool is designed to look like a natural body part , so it’s not conspicuous at all. You need it to look natural to make it difficult for people to know what’s exactly going on. The great news about the device is that you can pick one from numerous color options to suit your skin complexion. The major color options you can find include white, Latino, brown, black, and tan. Selecting a matching color helps get rid of strangeness, allowing you to use it while relaxed.

If using it in front of several people, nobody will tell you’re up to something without unusually paying attention to it. But when you think about it, how many times do people, whether friends or strangers, inspect your “down there” for “originality” when you’re using it to pee in a shared facility? Therefore, what’s important is to raise your head high and coolly deploy your Whizzinator without thinking about the likelihood of attracting any unwarranted attention.

The New Valve System

The ideal Whizzinator requires more than just a natural look to for calm wearing, and its urine release function should be simple. A device with the valve system that’s requires only squeezing to release urine is very suitable for this purpose. The function is quiet and stealth, allowing to utilize it without worry.

Availability of Fake Urine

Once you add synthetic urine to your Whizzinator, you’re now ready to use it as though it’s a real part of the human body. This urine looks just like natural urine, and thus, it also won’t be easy for people to figure out. Ordinarily, standard labs make the artificial urine.

Additionally, the fake urine is safe for application and does not put the user of the Whizzinator at the danger of catching any sexually transmitted disease. With many lab-made urine products available for buying, your options are unlimited.

Wide Application

Different people buy and use the Whizzinator for different reasons. You could do it for a urine test or just fun. You can use it to prank friends too.

The Whizzinator is certainly worth the investment when you want something that looks like a real human body part to help simulate a real urination act.

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