Redirecting or Playing on a Moment: The Easy 1up Rotator Makes Referrals Make Sense

A user can go through the whole spectrum of emotions while visiting a website. This could sound like an exaggeration. Yet, think about a great brand and what happens when visiting the website. They are a loved brand. Excitement happens when a user first revisits the site. The website is different. Here, the horror sets in. What has changed? What is gone? As the website is explored, the user finds new options and new experiences for their favorite brand- whatever it may be. In just ten minutes, the user has simply explored many facets of the brand and what it has to say to the world.

These emotions can be redirected and played on in a referral marketing strategy. A referral is, on its own, a kind of emotional response. It is probably a positive emotional of some kind, unless a user is trying to find a negative non-referral. The user experience may include tackling a positive response (a referral) onto many of the changed and emotions associated with a brand.

The referral could appear at any of the above examples of visiting a website. It could appear after a major reskinning. Like the changes? Refer the brand to someone else. This could potentially redirect a bad emotion (a response to the changes) and make it good (a referral to a friend). It could also lean into a positive and exciting feeling if the user loves the changes.

This is really just one example of how a referral fits into the bigger picture. The Easy 1up Rotator uses a referral in both places because a recommendation is a powerful thing. The idea of turning an emotional response towards a referral can be applied to many facets of the design. A referral program seeks to find happy actions from happy thoughts. A user has a great experience with a brand. This excitement should be shared. Whether it is bad (asking for help from the support team) or good (receiving a bonus), the experience can be channeled to a referral. In the former, it could be a referral after the resolution of a problem, and the latter after the bonus confirmation.

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