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Christmas day is always very much anticipated and comes with a lot of excitements. As children have hope for gifts, their parents buy them as per their expectations anticipations. One of the most popular gifts are the toys which are bought nearly for all children on that Christmas day. several children don’t expose their gifts till the Christmas day when they unfold their precious gifts to share with their friends and show off. Celebrations are seen and felt all over after opening up the sealed gifts on that fateful day.

Early preparations for the Christmas day are done when the children start asking and requesting their parents for gifts. Toys are the most preferred kind of presents by the children during the Christmas period.

In the market these toys come with different fashions, types, and quality. The the buying price of each toy will be determined by its characteristics. Many factors define the price of each toy in the available shops. The kind of the toy to buy is dictated by the amount of money the parent has. Available toys have good taste for both boy child and the girl child.
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Both boy child and girl child have different likes for the available toys. It has been found that many girl children like toys with tones which are not the case for the male children who show great love for motor vehicles. there is an evidence that different age groups have their class and type of toys. for example, children below five years are bought different type of toys as compared to children of over five years. The diversity of children will admire various modes of toys.
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Children also organize their games on that Christmas Day considering the type of toy each has. For example children can plan and start their fun of music following the musical toys available. Every melody is perceived to relay a certain message useful in their game during the play time. For the children to open up their minds, various toys are applied in their play. Bananagrams and Annabel games are commonly found in this class of game for children. They can be used in modeling of new shapes.

Each approaching Christmas day has its impact on the market of toys. Most children like toys during the Christmas hence creating a ready market and make the dealers to fill the gap by providing more. As we approach the Christmas day, the number of people purchasing toys goes a way up as opposed to normal days as many parents use toys as prizes for their beloved children. By this, it is now justifiable as to why the number of toys in the market becomes large during Christmas season.

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