How to get out of Facebok jail

Today, using Facebook is the most popular strategy you can have to promote your website. At the same time, it’s quite necessary to know how the facebook’s regulations work so that you do not end up with your site getting blocked.  
In the worst scenario they could close your account.
But, What is popular urban legend of Facebook Jail?
Facebook Jail is when the social media platform punish an account because it breaks the Facebook laws.
The penalties could range from only the impossibility of publishing a few hours until the removal of the profile.
The problem is that the terms are confusing. 
In this article, you will know how to get out of facebook jail and I will bring you some essential tips thanks to Postcron to avoid being blocked by Facebook:

  • 1. Let some time pass between posts 
  • 2. Create original content 
  • 3. Make it personal and be careful with tagging 
  • 4. Understand how Facebook works –
  • 5. Don’t act like a spammer 
  • 6. Beware of saboteurs 
  • 7. Don’t let Facebook confuse you with a SPAM-bot 
  • 8. Don’t go crazy posting 
  • 9. Provide accessible and permanent information about who you are 
  • 10. Use “shortened links” on your page biography when linking to your site

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