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The Differences between Strippers and Lap Dancers

You are probably planning for a stag party and you are thinking of hiring entertainment for your guests. What this means for you is that you have a good understanding of the distinctive elements of the two forms of entertainment crew you are going to deal with in order to ensure that you have the right team to serve you as you expect and want. It is commonly held by many that these two have got no particular differences in them but the reality is that they have a marked differences and the most outstanding one is the contact that they allow you to have with them.

The one thing about the strippers that sets them apart is the fact that their clients are never to get any kind of contact with them except for the chance to place your money in their G-strings. The performance of a stripper is to have their clients teased by slowly taking off their clothes and this is their primary role in the stag.

Compared to lap dancing, the lap dancing will get the dancers have a direct contact with the clients as they dance on their laps in a suggestive manner. The duration of the dance with the lap dancer is determined by how long the song to which the lap dancer will be dancing to. The performance is often with the customer in a seated position. However, they have a similarity with the stripper performances in the sense that as a customer you will not be allowed to touch.

As we can see, the main difference between these two lies in the fact that with the lap dancers the customer gets a bit of physical contact with the dancer as they have their dance time for them which is not the case with the strippers. Nonetheless, the two have yet another similarity in the sense of the rule of not allowing the clients to get to touch them and for the enforcement of this law, they will have their minders on standby.

If you are planning to go for the strippers in your locale and even particularly going for them from the stripper clubs, then it is as well important that you are well advised and tipped on the laws in operation in your particular jurisdiction. There are some jurisdictions where the strippers and lap dancing is not allowed by law and as such there is a requirement for some distance between the lap dancer and the client.
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